The Smartwheel Project
The Smartwheel Project

Because the electric market can be premium and affordable!

Portfolio of Products

  • Standard Range - 222wH removable battery capacity, up to 24 miles per single charge.
  • Long Range - 296wH removable battery capacity, up to 32 miles per single charge.


  • Both versions of the wheel will be below US$1,000 and will provide a similar experience to the standard electric bikes priced between US$2,000 and $US3000.


The product offers two sources of assurance:

  • Hardware. The removable battery or batteries are registered to your wheel and it will only work with those registered batteries. 
  • Software. You will be asked to input a code or a fingerprint in your phone each time you want to start the wheel.

Electric Motor

  • The powerful motor can deliver up to 500W of power and 25Nm of peak torque.
  • It is designed to achieve high efficiencies in the whole operating range and to minimize the noise and vibrations to increase smoothness.

Phone Communication

  • The wheel will be fully controlled from your phone. You can choose the ammount of help you need and also monitor aspects of the system such as speed, power or autonomy of the battery.


  • Choose the color of your wheel and make your product unique!